Thursday, March 31, 2022


KONNICHIA MY CUTE FRILLIES ♡(ෆ˙ᵕ˙ෆ)♡ it is I, the beloved and notorious Arizona Ice Tea! Idol to some, enemy to some others, but I am HERE and am back again because it is APRIL the most kawaii month. Duh.

Some of my fans and I were having high tea (the most aesthetic of meals!!! ૮₍  ˶•⤙•˶ ₎ა
./づ~ 🍓) and one of them said to me “Arizona-hime, I bet you can’t make a coord using only (whispering)(looks around with great concern) Hot Topic items. You are the most hoity-toity brand ho on this side of the Mississippi”.  

THE ABSOLUTE audacity, of course I can.  After all, I am the most sugoi rorichan! (๑ᵔ⤙ᵔ๑)

First, we need a main piece.

Heart aprons are very kawaii (๑ > ᴗ < ๑) and there’s at least a ruffle on the heart.  I would rather get something from AP how-ev-er this is a challenge I want to WIN ok. Also it is gingham, which is a very popular theme so far this year and if I can't follow the hot new trends then why am I even HERE?!

૮₍˶Ó﹏Ò ⑅₎ა  Miss Misako would appear out of thin air and beat me if I dared bare my arms (what do you mean that’s not accurate anymore, I am the most knowledgeable and cute lolita ever…) so I gotta get a blouse. This is pink and has a bow so it is good enough uwu

NEXT is legwear.  

Oh em gee these are so kyuuuute!! Lace makes everything 1000% extra kawaii!!!! And these look wonderfully scratchy. PERFECT.

They have lace on them…LACE omg. Angelic Pretty eat ur heart out. Also since they are black, this means they can be goth too.    

Now that we have the boooring stuff out of the way, we can get to the fun and important accessories required to make this totemo kawaii!!!

A RAINBY WIG. It will match every coord and it looks super high quality uwu.  

All those gatekeeper meanie-litas (。•ˇ‸ˇ•。) who don’t like the lace parasols like this are just a bunch of big old meanies who are afraid of the sun.  but also dont 4get sunscreen if u use this one cause you will get a sunburn. This is the perfect item of rorita, a totally over the top tacky useless item for the low low cost doesn't matter !!

oH you are now saying “but Arizona-sama, u forgot your headwear, how the hell can you think about a parasol before that?!?!?” be not afraid, my little fluffle-puffs, Hot Topic has that covered too.

I can tie some more craft ribbon on here (PINK) and it will match even better uwu.  The meanies say cat ears are never lolita and other gatekeepers say they can be lolita but ONLY if u get nice ones....tnhey aren't the boss of me u3u. 

U gotta have jewelry accessories too

Mymelo is the best and she is a lolita ok, she has a bow on her head on this necklace/.

Now last is the bag. I kno what you’re thinking “Arizona-hime, Hot Topic actually has a decent bag for lolita available right now but it may have questionable quality, but it could work in a pinch”

THIS IS WHJERE YOU ARE WRONG! This is what people would expect a lolita to buy, but I am above that!! I didn’t get to be as famous as I am now by doing what normal lolitas do!! I am cooler and more special and unique than the average rorichan. I do not wanna be like other lolitas, I want other lolitas to wanna be like MEE ok!

So I would get this

Unlike those overpriced Kumakymas, I can add my own ribbon to customize this ₍ᐢ•ﻌ•ᐢ₎ bear ₍ᐢ•ﻌ•ᐢ₎ so it matches every coord perfectly.  

Wowowowowowwww its actually cuter than I expected. My fans will be surprised when I show them this coord at the next tea. It may not be Angelic Pretty (;´༎ຶٹ༎ຶ`)  (the only brands that matters to meeee) but I guess I can get away with this since I am so kawaii 

are u ready to see it!!!

ok here it is!!


☆( ᴗ ̫ ᴗ ) ☆ ╔uu═════════════════════╗☆ ❝ 𝓐𝓻𝓲𝔃𝓸𝓷𝓪 𝓘𝓬𝓮 𝓣𝓮𝓪-𝓱𝓲𝓶𝓮 𝓬𝓱𝓪𝓷♡ ❞ ╚══════nn═══════════════╝

Friday, March 25, 2022

Lolita Fashion Replicas List

 Last updated: March 25, 2022

As we all know, replicas are bad! See our post about The Big Frocking Replica Debate for more info. But there are so many out there, and some of them have gotten really good at looking like the real thing. 

So for this week, we present to you a list of known replicas out there! Since this started out as just an Angelic Pretty replica list, there are a lot of Angelic Pretty releases on here. It will be updated from time to time so you can check back to see if there’s updates!

A lot of replicas still have awful quality, so you do not need to worry too much. However, we have added a third column which indicates whether it may be close enough in quality to the real thing that you may want to do a more in-depth check.

For Angelic Pretty replicas in particular, the more realistic looking ones may have fake Angelic Pretty brand tags and fake wash tags sewn in, or even have real tags sewn into a replica dress. The lace isn’t always the best indicator in cases like this because they replicate the lace too.

Note: This list is incomplete. If something is not on here, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have a replica!

Alice and the PiratesA Midsummer Night's Dream
Alice and the PiratesThe Grace ~Hymn of the Departure~
Angel's HeartDream of Arcana (阿尔克纳之梦)
Angelic PrettyBritish Bearx
Angelic PrettyCastle Miragex
Angelic PrettyCelestialx
Angelic PrettyCharlotte's Bearx
Angelic PrettyCherry Margueritex
Angelic PrettyChess Chocolate
Angelic PrettyChess Emblemx
Angelic PrettyChocolate Rosettex
Angelic PrettyCosmicx
Angelic PrettyCrystal Dream Carnival
Angelic PrettyDay Dream Carnival
Angelic PrettyDessert Collection
Angelic PrettyDolly Dot
Angelic PrettyDramatic Dollx
Angelic PrettyDream Dollx
Angelic PrettyDream Marinex
Angelic PrettyDream Skyx
Angelic PrettyDreamy Dollhouse
Angelic PrettyFairy Marinex
Angelic PrettyFantasic Dolly
Angelic PrettyFreshly Picked Strawberriesx
Angelic PrettyFruits Parlor
Angelic PrettyHappy Garden
Angelic PrettyHeavenly Crossx
Angelic PrettyHoly Lanternx
Angelic PrettyHoly Theatre
Angelic PrettyJewelry Snowx
Angelic PrettyKatrinax
Angelic PrettyKiss Me Cat
Angelic PrettyLittle Bear's Cafe
Angelic PrettyMagical Night Theatre
Angelic PrettyMelody Toysx
Angelic PrettyMelty Berry Princessx
Angelic PrettyMelty Chocolate
Angelic PrettyMelty Cream Donutx
Angelic PrettyMelty Ribbon Chocolate
Angelic PrettyMercator Antique Shop
Angelic PrettyMilky Berry
Angelic PrettyMilky Crossx
Angelic PrettyMilky Planet
Angelic PrettyMilky Swanx
Angelic PrettyMilky-chan the Fawn
Angelic PrettyMiracle Candy
Angelic PrettyMisty Skyx
Angelic PrettyMisty Sky Brilliant Colorx
Angelic PrettyMisty Sky Brilliant Color - Daydream
Angelic PrettyMusee du Chocolat
Angelic PrettyNakayoshi Bunny
Angelic PrettyOtome no Tutu Dollx
Angelic PrettyPerfume of Wonderlandx
Angelic PrettyPetit Patisseriex
Angelic PrettyPresent Ribbon Pochette
Angelic PrettyPrincess Cat
Angelic PrettyRoyal Poodle
Angelic PrettyShanghai Dollx
Angelic PrettySheep Garden
Angelic PrettyStellax
Angelic PrettyStrawberry Whipx
Angelic PrettySugar Dream Dome
Angelic PrettySugar Heartsx
Angelic PrettySugary Carnival
Angelic PrettySweetie Violetx
Angelic PrettyToy Fantasyx
Angelic PrettyTwinkle Ornamentx
Angelic PrettyWhimsical Vanilla-Chan
Angelic PrettyWonder Cookie
Angelic PrettyWonder Gallery
Angelic PrettyWrapping Cherryx
Atelier BozMelias Sundress
Atelier BozRoland
Baby, the Stars Shine BrightAlice's Chess Print
Baby, the Stars Shine BrightBabydoll JSKx
Baby, the Stars Shine BrightBless from Michael
Baby, the Stars Shine BrightBunny Milk and Snow Strawberry
Baby, the Stars Shine BrightGinger Doll
Baby, the Stars Shine BrightKey to the Heaven Sorella
Baby, the Stars Shine BrightLittle Red Riding Hood in the Fairytale Land
Baby, the Stars Shine BrightMaria's Catholic Nunx
Baby, the Stars Shine BrightSA・KU・RA Celestial Maidenx
Baby, the Stars Shine BrightUsakumya Face Bag
Baby, the Stars Shine BrightUsakumya Pochettex
Diamond HoneyRoyal Cat's Dance (宫廷舞会猫)
Glory KingdomThe Doll Master (人形师)
Grove DeerStardust (星屑)
Honey HoneyCat's Astrology (占星猫)
Innocent WorldCarousel (Merry Go Round)
Ista MoriNameless Poem (无名诗)
Juliette et JustineBallerinex
Juliette et JustineCarps Sheriquex
Mary MagdaleneEkaterina
Mary MagdaleneSaint Claire
Moi Meme MoitieIron Gate
NyaNyaDreamlike Lace Apple Garden (白羽林檎)
Pretty Rock BabyStrawberry Star (星月草莓)
Roji RojiHeartbeat Socks (心跳)

Isn’t this list awfully long?


Friday, March 4, 2022

Am I an "Ita" ??

You hear it said in hushed conversation, fleeting between petticoats...
You see it typed over and over on anonymous imageboards...
You see people apologize for being one...
But what really is “ita”?

The TL;DR- Ita is short for 痛い itai which is a Japanese word used as an adjective meaning "painful" or as an interjection equivalent to "ouch". When you see a terrible lolita coord (or attempt at wearing lolita), you can use “ita” to say that it hurts you in your kokoro (heart).

The legendary F Yeah Lolita blog has a wonderful article on “How To Avoid Being An Ita” however it is over 10 years old and some of the concepts need updating. I do recommend reading it before continuing this article if you aren’t familiar with it!

The difference between a beginner lolita and ita

As someone who mentors newbie lolitas and sees how scared they are of being called “ita”, I need to start this article by saying that just being a beginner doesn’t make you an ita! 

Even the most “perfect” lolitas like Misako started out at some point and they weren’t amazing from the start. Lolita fashion, like any hobby, has quite a learning curve and your first few coords most likely won’t be amazing. It takes time to learn how to create a nicely balanced coord, what styles you enjoy and what suits you. Even if you begin your foray into lolita fashion with a scratchy Amazon dress, cat ears and neon pink Demonia knockoffs, you can still improve and create amazing coords later on in your journey. 
Misako modeling for Bodyline 2004. Credit: Rainedragon

So what makes an ita “ita”?

Something we need to differentiate as a community is an ita outfit and an ita personality.

An ita outfit is, of course, only talking about the clothes themselves. They could be terrible quality, have a weird print that isn’t well executed, awkward fit or all of the above. Even Japanese burandos fail sometimes and create a dress that hurts to look at:
(Sorry if you personally love these dresses!) 

An ita outfit can also be an experimental coord that didn’t quite hit the mark. Lolita fashion isn’t nuclear science- experimenting and failing will not be the end of the world or mean that no one should experiment ever. As a creative fashion, lolita has its own trends and grows with the community- if we didn’t experiment, then lolita fashion would still look the same as it did in the 80s and 90s. The fact that it doesn’t look the same as it used to is proof that experimenting isn’t “against the rules” in the slightest!

On the other side of the spectrum, an ita personality is a person that acts in a way that is “ita” and hurts to see. An ita person will usually insist on the opposite of what experienced lolitas recommend just to be contrary and be “Not Like Other Lolitas”. 

They will approve of replicas for selfish reasons (even after knowing all the points explained here: The Big Frocking Replica Debate Explained), be convinced that the lolita community is full of gatekeeping meanies who just want to stifle their free artistic spirit with their “rules” and in most cases haven’t really interacted with the community other than in online spaces. 

As annoying as a person with an ita personality can be to other lolitas, they can also improve with time! After being at a real meet and meeting other lolitas offline, most people will calm down a bit on their “ita”ness and realize that the lolita community isn’t against them- actual concrit is given not as an attack, but as a way of caring and helping the others.

Experimenting with lolita fashion

A lot of people with an ita personality will claim that lolitas call anything that goes against the “rules” ita, that experimenting is “not allowed” in the fashion and anyone who dares to step out of the “cookie cutter” box lolita coords will be called ita, shunned from the community, shame their ancestors and be cursed for 5 generations.

As I mentioned above this simply isn’t true.
The lolita “rules” are more like guidelines or a recipe to make sure your cake doesn’t turn into a cookie. When you start out baking, you follow recipes to a T to make sure they turn out well.  Once you’ve tried several recipes, have more confidence in your baking skills and understanding of what you’re doing and why, then you can start experimenting and substituting ingredients while still ending up with a delicious cake. The same is true for lolita fashion- once you have the basics down, you can break the “rules” and still have a beautiful coord. As a famous artist once said: “Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist.”  

Is [X] always ita?

The short answer is- NO. Items or design concepts as themselves are not usually ita (unless it’s a replica or otherwise generally offensive.  Even the dresses shown above can be styled in a nice way even if the author is not a fan of them.) Items and concepts depend a lot on the way a person chooses to style them. Even items which used to be considered “ita staples” such as fishnet tights, mini hats, no makeup/ exaggerated makeup, animal ears, black and white coords and raschel "lace monsters” can still be styled well by someone with experience. 
For example: in this coord above, we see Misako wearing the infamous punk lolita style, with fishnets, a mini hat, low poof and no sleeves while still looking great.  

I hope I helped lessen your worries about being called an ita, and remember that we have an article on what to do if you’ve been posted to an imageboard

Milk Tea (Who took at least 2 years to get out of their own ita phase.)