Friday, July 16, 2021

Mocha’s List of Fantastic Meetup Ideas

I love a good tea party, but sometimes sitting around eating overpriced sandwiches and leaf water gets a little stale. Here are some fun (and possibly off-the-wall) activities and tea party themes I’ve brainstormed for your future meetup. 

1.) Spill The Tea Party: a Pride themed tea party 
It’s no secret that much of the lolita community is composed of LGBTQ+ members. Skip a hot and sweaty summer parade for a colorful tea party in the cool indoors. Try making that rainbow layered cake you’ve saved on your Pinterest for months. Make a batch of confetti scones and rainbow sorbet punch. Sprinkle rainbow colored confetti on your table cloth and brew some glittery tea with rainbow sugar crystals on the side. 

For activities, set up a colorful photo booth with Pride flags for members to take photos with and encourage members to wear colorful coords. Prepare colorful yarn or beads and string to make Pride themed friendship bracelets together. 

2.) Victorian Seance
Spiritualism was a big part of the Victorian period and many lolitas love olden times and the macabre. For your next Halloween meetup, get together for some good old fashion spoopy times. Play around with a Oujia board or do an Oracle or Tarot card reading (whether done by a professional fortune teller or with your own deck - by the way, Jane Austen decks exist!). Extra spook points if you do these activities at a Goth picnic in the cemetery. For a very lolita appropriate flare, give tasseomancy a try. 

3.) Brand Mascot Party 
Got a jumbo usakumya that doesn’t get out much? Time to bring it to a mascot themed meetup! But this meetup isn’t just limited to Usakumyas and Kumakumyas. Encourage guests to bring and/or wear prints of whatever lolita brand animal mascot that ever existed to the party - whether it’s Captain Chris, Judy-Sophie-and-Lillian, or Milk-chan or Lyrical Bunny or Punkuma! This is also a furtastic time to wear animal ears or prints and head to the zoo. 

Source: Liemzie

4.) A Mid-20th Century Affair
Honestly, I’m not sure what to call it, but basically you and your friends get together for a 1950s inspired meetup. Wear vintage inspired coords featuring polkadots and poodles, learn to play Bridge, and try some vintage cocktails (or mocktails) with some questionable Betty Crocker recipes from our grandmother’s time. But if you can’t stomach Jell-o Tuna Salad, you might want to prepare some of Hollywood’s Golden era cake recipes to drown out the taste. 

5.) Bakery Crawl 
If you live in an area with a lot of bakeries and pastry shops, plan to hit as many as you can with your community, and encourage guests to wear prints with dessert themes. 

6.) Host a Murder Mystery Game
Murder Mystery events are pretty popular among the historical reinactment crowd. However, if a three-course dinner with a bunch of strangers sounds unappealing to you and your community, host a murder mystery tea party instead. And instead of the usual themes like the Roaring 20s, you can make your own storyline that’s more lolita friendly - for example, it can be 18th century themed and people can dress in their finest OTT Rococo inspired coords or just a lolita one where evidence can be lolita related (like death by parasol or smothered by jumbo Usakumya- get creative!). Guests can prepare their own characters ahead of time or you can prepare it for them. If making up a story on your own seems daunting, you can purchase pre-made murder mystery kits online. 

7.) College Party
Here’s one of my more far-fetched ideas: a college party meetup minus the bros
Hear me out: imagine getting together with a bunch of lolitas at a house to play beer pong, social drinking games, and stuffing a bunch of petticoated people in a tiny kitchen to gossip over drinks. If anyone ever decides to do this, be sure to set up safety measures like ID-ing people, limiting alcoholic drinks to what’s provided, preparing plenty of snacks (or potluck!), and preparing safe rides home or sleeping space (if you’re extra cautious, you can set up a small security deposit for things like brand or house damage - but hopefully it’ll be more cozy than wild). 

For a more age-inclusive meetup, non-alcoholic drinks can be served instead (think fancy bottled sodas). If you want to make this meet more lolita than normie-centric, use lolita themes in the drinking games, and tea cups instead of solo cups for beer pong. You can also arrange a scavenger hunt and split your guests into groups of two with fake Greek house names like Usakumya Phi and Baby Sigma Psi.

8.) Tabletop Role Playing Meet
And yes, I mean Dungeons and Dragons, but don’t feel like you have to limit your characters to dwarves and elves. Curate a more kawaii version of classic tabletop games like using magical girls instead of the usual paladins and bards. Just be sure to leave plenty of time for you and your guests to prepare their characters before the meetup. If fighting evil by moonlight isn’t your idea of fun, consider purchasing Good Society, a Jane Austen inspired roleplaying game full of intrigue and scandal. For a comfy card game, look into playing The Tea Dragon Society

DnD Dice by Forbidden Snacky

9.) Royal Court Theme
Have an OTT Royalty themed meetup where everyone is encouraged to dress up in their most opulent. I’m talking crowns, scepters, capes, sashes, and floofy bell-shaped sleeves! For fun and games, bring out Pretty Pretty Princess or Settlers of Catan, or explore your local tabletop gaming shop for similar fantasy-kingdom inspired games. 

(Image from Pose)
10.) Celebrate an Unusual Holiday
Did you know that there’s a National Handmade Cookie Day? Sounds like a day for the perfect baking meet! If you love Honey Cake, wear it out for a brunch meet on National Pancake Day. Support your local donut shop while wearing Melty Cream Donuts on National Donut Day, or bust out Diner Doll at the diner on National Vanilla Milkshake Day! If you can’t do a Halloween meet, October 29th is National Cat Day. Encourage everyone to wear a cat print and support your local cat cafe. There’s no shortage of ideas of what you can do! 

That’s all for now for my list of meetup themes and ideas. Let me know if you’ve tried any of these ideas and how it went, or if you have any other great ideas for fun meets!

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Friday, July 9, 2021

A Brief Guide to Classic Lolita

This week, Cappuccino is going to go over some of the basics of one of the main lolita substyles: Classic Lolita

What is Classic Lolita? 

Classic lolita is one of the main three substyles. This style is more of a vintage and historical look in darker jewel tones or dusty pastels. Classic dresses can be spotted by the attention to small details such as pintucks and lace instead of bold and colorful prints. Mostly these dresses are in solid colors though in some cases florals, plaids and stripes are used. The occasional print features antique items such as clocks, keys and dishwares. Generally, classic dresses have an a-line silhouette.

The Brands

The most iconic classic brand is Mary Magdalene but Victorian Maiden and Innocent World are also hallmark classic style brands.When you first think of classic the first dresses that come to mind will likely be Mary Magdalene’s Ekaterina OP or Victorian Maiden’s Classical Doll OP.

VM Classical Doll

MM Ekaterina

These dresses became the hallmark of classic lolita but also unfortunately some of the most replicated dresses out there! The replication of the iconic MM styles was a part in leading to the brand’s quiet shut down somewhere between 2017 and 2018. Victorian Maiden has also shut down their shop in April 2018, but made a comeback in early 2019 through selling on Wunderwelt. Mary Magdalene also announced a reopening in Fall 2020 starting with a rerelease of their iconic coat design.  

Some other brands that release classic pieces are Enchantlic Enchantilly, Juliet et Justine, and even Metamorphose sometimes releases classic pieces.

With the rise of lolita fashion’s popularity in China, many more brands have emerged on Taobao. Some popular classic lolita brands include Miss Point and Infanta. However, many Chinese indie brands have their own take on the style, often leaning more towards historical hime or into sweeter country styles. 

Mary JSK from Little Dipper

What? OTT Classic?

Yes that’s right, this normally toned down style was very popular to style in an over the top (OTT) style around 2016. With the cult popularity of Triple Fortune’s extravagant bonnets, classic lolita had its moment of popularity. At many big events across the world, lolitas could be spotted wearing dresses printed with Renaissance paintings, underskirts to the floor, pointed Madonna crowns and sometimes even faces painted with glittery tears or feathery wings. While the trend is definitely over now, smaller crowns and decadent bonnets can still be seen at brand tea parties or other large scale lolita events.

The Future of Classic Lolita

While no one knows for sure what the future has in store, I hope we can see a resurgence of the classic style. Especially with the brands trying to make a comeback, it would be nice to see a bloom of classical lolitas again! Though maybe leave the skewer crowns at home this time…


Saturday, July 3, 2021


OHAYO EVERYLOLI I hope you are having a good summer!! I am spending mine in front of the air con, which I decorated with some ruffles so I can be a true lifestyler.  Today I am going to rank my personal favorite kinds of ~sweet lolita~ !! Of course, this is just my personel opinion which I am allowed to have, so if I don’t like your favorite kind of sweet, then it is ok. UwU I am sure there are some luvlie lolitas elsewhere with the same opinions as you.  Some people might say some of these don't event exist....but this is how I put sweet rorita into categotries based on my own personal opinions!!


1.) OTT Sweet/2010s era sweet lolita is number one!!

This is obviously my favorite kind of lolita and has always been my best kind!!  First, it is SUPER TRENDY and we luv to be on trend.  Second, it uses superior cotton fabric.  Third, it is very pink and pastel and totemo kawaii with good themes like candy and bows and sweets. The most iconic version of sweet lolita!!!!  When people see this style, it makes them want to wear lolita too, and have a cute comm and make friends so we can all twin together and be super kawaii.  I think AP realizes this, since they did Sugary Carnival again this year.  I can’t wait to twin with my super kawaii friends (ꈍ ᴗ ꈍ✿) 


2. Modern Day Sweet lolita

My next favorite is Modern Day Sweet, aka what is being released by best brand AP this year and the last few years.  In a contract to my #1 fav, this has a lot of simpler cuts and all over prints but who am I to say that AP would ever make a bad decision??? (◕ ワ ◕✿)


3) “Bougie Lady” Sweet lolita 

Before AP was releasing what they do now, they released a lot of stuff that makes me think of rich people, so I call this ~Bougie Lady Sweet~ These dresses make me think of elegant people going to fancy movie premiers or to the most expensive steak house in town, and maybe wear a feather boa too.  Maybe some othr brand made a feather boa but my heart is 100% with AP so I don’t remember.(ᅌʊᅌ;;;;;)  Not exactly hime lolita, but like a modern celebrity or royal.


Spooky Sweet Lolita

Some newer lolitas call ‘bittersweet’ but this is actually stuff like Little Witch and Halloween Treats, and other very obviously Halloween inspired sweet stuff. This is a nice substyle but it is only 4 on my list cause it only makes sense to me around Halloween. Some people say Halloween can be year round (✧ᴗ✧✿) so I hope you have lots of Halloween dresses.


for when u go to the post office to pick up your packages!!! It is difficult for me to tone down that much, becuz I am just SO kawaii all the time.  But if this means more people ware sweet lolita in their everyday life, then I am a fan!!! 
♡(ᅌ ˇ ᅌ✿)♡(◕ᗜ◕✿)♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ 


6.) Old School lolita

Old school sweet lolita looks very different from the sweet lolita styles in the rest of this list, and I don’t especially like it that much, HOWEVER you have to respect  history!! Without old school sweet lolita, we would not have the sweet lolita types that I love now.  (ᅌʊᅌ✿)


7.) Dark Sweet lolita

This is another sweet style that some people may call “Bittersweet”. But alas it is NOT!!! Dark Sweet lolita is like spooky sweet, but is more elegant and gothic.  Holy Lantern and Ghost Night Bride are some that my friend told me. People like to call these dresses just gothic sometimes, but they are made by sweet brands!! And have a lot of sweet things like bows and ruffles on them. This is this far down on the list because it is too dark for me (´•̥̥̥  ‸ •̥̥̥`✿) I just want cute things from only ANGELIC PRETTY all the time


7.) Mature Sweet lolita

Mature sweet, or Classic-Sweet, or whatever, is just people who want to tell people they wear classic, but can’t get away with it cuz they are wearing a very obviously sweet dress with classic stuff, or a classic dress with sweet stuff and it is very jarring to me.  I would nevr wear this, even when I get old!! (≖ ︿ ≖ ✿) I am gonna be a kawaii super sweet lolita forever!! This is at the same rank as Dark Sweet for the same reasons....not kawaii enough for my personal tastes but if u like it, then that is ok!!!


8.) Bittersweet lolita

Bittersweet lolita is just 2010s era OTT prints but in the black colorway.  My supr secret is…...THESE ARE CUTE 
=͟͟͞͞(✿⓪ ڡ ⓪ )🔪. However all the cool and popular lolitas from the old days hate this so if I wanna be cool like them, I must ALSO hate this (or at least hate the term for it owo).  A lot of people use this term for things I am calling Dark Sweet and Spooky Sweet, but I looked at livejounral so that is clearly the most accurate place for information.


9.) Larme Sweet lolita 

This is something my kawaii friend pointed out to me, especially about AP non-prints (which I don’t pay attention to so much cause solids are usually boring uwu;;;;;) and how a lot of them remind her of Larme.  Larme was a fashion magazine in Japan that is really trendy and apparently uses a lot of sheer overskirts that are longer than the skirt itself.  It is here on the bottom of the list because my personal thought is…..(;__; sorry luvlies this is controversial!!1!).....this is not lolita enough (to ME)!!! If you wanna wear this kind of stuff and call it lolita, I don’t mind!! I am not gatekepy!! 

(✿ ͡◕ ᴗ◕)つ━━✫・*。
⊂   ノ    ・゜+.
しーーJ   °。+ *´¨)
.· ´i hope u enjoyed!!☆´¨) ¸.·*¨)
(¸.·´ (¸.·’* (¸.·’* (¸.·’* (¸.·’* (¸.·’* *¨)

Of course, sweet lolita is the best style according to me, so these are all good.  But they can’t all be #1 in my kokoro.  What is your favorite kind of sweet lolita and why is it also 2010s era sweet??

ミ=͟͟͞͞(✿ʘ ᴗʘ)っ bai baiiii

Arizona Ice Tea is not real, and her questionable takes cannot hurt you. This is a humor post.