Wednesday, July 27, 2022

Special Kumyas and You - Limited Kumyas and Clothing for Your Kumya Companion

Is the regular Usakumya with white fur and pink ribbons, or the Kuma Kumya with light brown fur and dark brown ribbons, not enough for you? Do you long for a Kumya in a different colour, - perhaps to perfectly match that one coord? Or would you love for your Kumya to twin with you?
Fret not, BTSSB has got you covered!

The Usakumya pochette is usually in stock with the fur colours white, pink and black, while Kuma Kumya seldom has a regular release that's not their signature Milk Tea colour. So regular releases will most often have these fur colours, and a few different options for ribbon colour/design. 
So what do you do if you'd like a Kumya in a colour or with detailing different from these standard ones? You go hunting for the special Kumyas. 

Special Kumyas, - Kumyas that in some way differ more or less significantly from the regular design, are very often a limited release. This may mean that they'll only be available in one specific physical shop or at a tea party or other event, which means you'll need a shopping service to help secure you one. Although even with a shopping service, you're not guaranteed one, as limited normally means limited in number, as well as a one-off design. 

Sometimes there are also Kumyas that are limited to the online shop, which are usually easier to buy yourself. 

The best way to keep on top of new limited Kumya releases is to keep an eye on the News and Shop Information sections on Babys' website, official twitter and social media accounts for each individual store

There have been special versions of rucksacks, big rucksacks and the rucksack mini mini, but by far the most common variant to get the special treatment is the pochette. The pochettes also have the most elaborate special versions. The special versions are very often made to commemorate something, and will therefore usually have a special embroidery or print on one foot. 

Although a special version is not always extremely elaborate, - they range from just being a special colour, to wearing a special outfit, and all the way to very elaborate and completely different from the regular ones. 
Pictured: left, middle, right.

The Usakumya in the middle of the above picture retailed for 28380 yen, which is the most expensive special pochette I've seen so far. The special pochettes are more expensive at retail than the regular ones, and they usually range from around 12000 yen to 16000 yen. A regular pochette costs, as of 18th of July 2022, 10450 yen (tax included). 

So, you've found a Kumya in a colour that matches your coord, but wouldn't it be extra cute if the Kumya could wear the same dress as you, to perfectly twin with you? Outside of the pochettes that come with a special outfit (that are sadly not always entirely removable), Baby also regularly release clothing sets for pochette sized Kumyas! So far this year they've released a Kumya's Floating Sky Tea Party set consisting of Kumya sized JSK and matching ear bows, a Hawase Embroidery Kumya dress set consisting of dress, bloomers and matching ear bows and a Kumya sized Sugar Bouquet JSK. Both the Kumya's Floating Tea Party set and the Sugar Bouquet JSK comes in all the colours that the human sized clothing does. 

In previous years baby has also released darling little cape sets, as well as this adorable costume set that will make your Kumya look like a lion!

In recent years clothing has ranged from 5000 yen to 10000 yen and you may ask yourself if it's really worth it, and of course it is. 

~ Green Tea

Saturday, July 2, 2022

A Close Look at BTSSB Marine Island JSK I

 Hello again!

Today we’re going to look at Marine Island by BABY, the Stars Shine Bright!

This series is one of my favorites from BABY, but I rarely see anyone talk about it.

Lolibrary actually has a bunch of detail shots on this dress, but I still want to share it as it’s got even smaller details that I don’t think BTSSB showed as much.

We’ll be looking at the JSK I cut of the dress, so the one with scallops. This is also the sax version. I actually have some of the jewelry from the series, but I’ll show them another time.

Here’s some information on the dress:

Released in 2018

Bust: 90 - 98 cm

Length: 92 - 97 cm

Waist: 71 - 80 cm

Material: Cotton Buckingham (100% cotton)

Tulle (100% polyester)

Polyester Lining

Source: Lolibrary

The dress came in three cuts, JSK I, JSK II, and a Skirt

It came in Sax, Navy, Pink, and Mint!

The two JSK styles are extremely different, so I applaud BTSSB for giving such unique looks to both of them. I do wish the JSK II had some kind of scallop trim to it, but it’s also a great option for those who don’t like scallop trim.

Me, however, I’m obsessed with scallop trim.


These photos were edited so that the color of the dress was as close to real-life as possible. Actual colors IRL may vary!

So here is the dress! 

The dress is made of cotton Buckingham, which is surprisingly lightweight cotton. I say surprisingly since the dress has a lot of texture which you’ll be able to see later on.

This dress is also very easy to clean in my opinion. I hand wash this with color catchers, and so far nothing bleeds color. It just takes a long time to dry lol

Here is the bodice, which has a scallop “bib”. The bow is a really soft, satin, bow, with a pearl attached to the middle! One thing I also love is how there’s pearl-like lace decorating the entire bodice. It really adds to the print which has pearls and bubbles floating around.

You can also see the texture of the dress more. It’s still soft, but it feels sort of like a sturdy, canvas-y fabric? I don’t mean canvas in a bad way either, it’s quite a nice texture.

Print Details

My favorite part of this dress is the print. There are so many little details in it! I have photographed the bigger prints and little parts that I feel should be seen or known more. The majority of the print has Kumyas, mermaid Kumyas, sea shells, pearls, and tons and tons of fish.

Here are the Kumyas themselves, surrounded by even more Kumyas!

They’re pictured sitting in a giant pink clam underwater! And they’re holding hands!

Here’s what looks to be a sea angel Kumya! I’m really surprised to see a less common sea animal printed in something like this.

There are tons of fish in the print, but this little clown fish stands out to me. Just look at that lil guy.

Also, how can we forget, this lil sea turtle? He’s just doing his own thing. He’s swimming around!

I actually didn’t notice he was on the print until much later. This is one of those dresses where the more you look, the more details you find.

Lastly, here is the bow on the JSK!

I absolutely love that this bow also has a scalloped look to it. I think it’s a very unique idea. (I feel like BABY is just really great at these unique little details : D )

Apparently, mine was made where the little clown fish I showed earlier is at the center of the bow!

There is also the iconic BTSSB heart charm in the middle. Sometimes I worry that this will fall off, but it’s pretty sturdy.

Apparently the first detailed look of a dress, Dream Marine, got really popular, so I figured it was time to make another! I promise it will not be ALL marine prints LOL

Thank you for reading!

- Lady Grey