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Quills and Frills is a group effort! The contributors, in alphabetical order, are:
Arizona Ice Tea - Nobody remembers hiring her at Quills & Frills as a writer, but she manages to sneak some articles in none the less. Some of the accomplishments she claims on her resume do look quite impressive, but it's unconfirmed whether these events have actually transpired or not. It's advised that readers take her advice with several grains of salt and this blog cannot be held accountable for her personal views and opinions.
Biscuit - Biscuit is a digital entity. Who made her and why she was made is unknown. She dabbles mainly in old school and mid to late 2000s sweet lolita. She has been wearing the fashion for a decade now. Biscuit has a particular love for tacky pieces à la Meta and old Putumayo. She likes both cute and odd,unsettling things. When she isn’t busy with lolita, blogging, or wandering the depths of the internet, she likes doodling and writing all kinds of self indulgent things, reading many stories, and watching cheesy anime.
Bubble Tea - Maybe a real person, maybe three usakumyas in a human disguise. Bubble Tea is a lover of many styles and a diehard admirer of Baby, the Stars Shine Bright. As a religious adherent to the cult of cute, she finds most of her inspiration from the sacred texts -- the Gothic and Lolita Bible. Her main aspiration in life is to be the protagonist of a Novala Takemoto novel. Only 30% Sweetness, please!
Cappuccino - Cappuccino is a classic lolita who can have a little AP as a treat.. Sometimes a solid is just that nice. When not wearing lolita, Cappucino can be found hiking the mountains, camera in hand.
Chamomile - Chamomile has been wearing sweet and classic lolita fashion since late 2015 but has been a fan since much longer. She helped organize Quills & Frills after hearing many conversations about wanting there to be a group lolita fashion blog and wanted it to become a reality. In her spare time, Chamomile likes cats and nicknaming the fashion ‘loloto’ because vowels are overrated. 
Chrysanthemum - Chrysanthemum is a sweet lolita who loves her cat prints. However, because of her love of bunny ears, she also seems to collect too many bunny themed accessories. She contributes to the coding/design and also writes some posts. 
Enfamil - Enfamil has been wearing lolita fashion since 2017, but has had a casual interest in since the late 2000’s. She has a passion for sewing and trying to write up accessible tutorials. When she’s not at the sewing machine, she’s doting on her someday-to-be-lolita daughter. And by doting on, we mean being run ragged. 

Green Tea - Green Tea recently fulfilled her life goal of getting a Blue-Eyes White Big Usakumya Rucksack, so if she dies tomorrow, she will die happy. She found the fashion in 2007, got her first brand dress in 2012 and started wearing the fashion more regularly in 2014. Yes, she is old. When not obsessing over Usakumya, Green Tea can be found cuddling her cats, tending to her plants or collecting rubber ducks.
Hojicha - Hojicha has been lurking in lolita fashion since the early LJ days, and has come and gone a few times with a more recent incarnation as a classical lolita. You may catch Hojicha in the corner of your eye armed with a drawing implement of some kind, but otherwise they’re busy haunting empty libraries and enchanted forests.
Lady Grey - Lady Grey is a lolita from the US, who mostly wears sweet, and sometimes wears gothic. One of her favorite motifs are marine prints, especially if said prints have jellyfish or mermaids. She can usually be found stalking LaceMarket, but is also known to be playing video games or drawing all day.
Matcha - Matcha began as a lolita-at-heart back in 2006 thanks to Rozen Maiden and is now an adult living her teen weeb dreams of owning lolita. Aside from a couple of goth pieces, she tends to hover in a land between sweet and classic, with a huge soft spot for country. When not throwing her money at frilly dresses, Matcha watches BBC panel shows and comedies, weeping over cosplay, and playing video games. She’ll be focusing on editing and blog writing.
Milk Tea - Milk Tea started wearing lolita in 2014 and became actually good at it around 2017. She usually wears mature sweet and classic (With a soft spot for country and retro styling) but dabbles in other styles as well. When not helping her local community or planning meetups, you'll find her reading manga, experimenting in the kitchen or trying to convince herself not to buy that great deal on CC/Wunderwelt/Fril/Mercari.  She hopes she will be able to help with tips on plus sized items and also apologizes in advance for any dad jokes or bad humor in her articles.
Mocha - Mocha is a lolita who’s seen a thing or two since she joined the egl community in 2007. Over the years, she’s dabbled in most styles, but primarily wears classic, gothic, and nowadays, otome brands. If a dress has crowns, pastries, or patterns like polka dots or tartan, chances are she wants or already owns it. Mocha enjoys discovering new music while browsing for secondhand lolita, learning about medical and fashion history, and making stuffed animals dance. 
Rooibos - Rooibos is the resident ouji and jack of all trades. They help out where they can on the blog as an artist, author, editor, coder and hot drink maker. Hailing from the North, their skin barely sees the sun and they leave the scent of firewood, old leaves and crisp pine in their wake. You're most likely to find them, in an out of the way corner, sewing, writing music, or making illustrations. They love horror, hunting for interesting music, and rainy days
Sugar CubeSugar Cube is a Texan sweet lolita with an affinity for the color pink. She first attempted to wear lolita in 2011, but finally made her first real coord in 2017. While SC is by no means new to lolita, she’s slowly but surely figuring out how to navigate lolita life as the founder, moderator, and sole hoster of meets for her local mid-sized comm. When she’s not in lolita she can almost always be found in fairy kei. Don’t let her name fool you though, when the chips are down she’ll happily swap the sugar for a healthy dosage of salt. 
Vodka - Vodka is a Dutch sweet and old school lolita who would die for bats and the colours black, lavender and red. She’s been wearing the fashion since about 2012. Discovered it through finding a GLB as a 12 year old in a store. When she’s not obsessing over her clothes, she can be found hanging out with her cat, drawing, thinking about lovecraftian horror or playing video games. As you might have guessed, she draws.

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