Friday, February 18, 2022

An Updated Look At Qi Lolita

Brand: Sing a Lullaby For You

Qi Lolita is a style that can be simply described as combining Chinese elements with lolita fashion. 


In English, we call it Qi Lolita (pronounced like ‘chee’ lolita), likely because the very first dresses were based on qipao/cheongsam. Because of hanfu becoming more commonly used in this style, some have also taken to calling it Han Lolita when it is based on Chinese hanfu (not to be confused with Korean hanbok). 

In Chinese, you will most commonly see it referred to as 中华风 Lolita (zhōnghuá fēng lolita). This translates to ‘Chinese style’ lolita. Some Chinese brands may also use the term 国风 Lolita, or ‘national style’ lolita. 

In Japanese, it is known as 華ロリータ (hana rorīta) or shortened to 華ロリ(hana rori). This is derived from 中華風, which is really just another way of writing 中华风. So you may also sometimes see it being called 中華ロリータ or 中華ロリ.

To keep it simple, we will mostly be using the term qi lolita in the rest of this post.