Friday, March 12, 2021

Virtual Meet Ice Breaker Questions

For some of us, meets have mostly gone virtual, and sometimes that leads to awkward moments of silence. Here are 50 prompts and questions you can use for your next meet to keep the energy going:

  1. When and how did you discover lolita?

  2. What style did you first fall in love with?

  3. How has your style evolved from when you started to now?

  4. What is a style you like, but were too afraid to try for any reason? 

  5. What is your dream meetup?

  6. Do you remember the first time you've seen a brand piece in person? What was it?

  7. If you are not a lonelita, describe your first meetup? Last in-person meetup?

  8. What was the best compliment you got from a stranger while out in lolita?

  9. What was the weirdest/worst comment received while out in lolita?

  10. What is your current style/wardrobe goal(s)?

  11. If you could design a print, would it be?

  12. Show us your favorite main piece.

  13. Show us your favorite accessory.

  14. What main piece do you wear the most? 

  15. What main piece have you worn the least?

  16. Show us your oldest main piece (either by age of the piece or longest you've had it).

  17. Show us your latest purchase(s).

  18. What was the weirdest thing you've done while wearing the fashion? 

  19. What were the best and worst meetups you've been to?

  20. Name a pet peeve you have with the fashion.

  21. Name your favorite thing that you love about the fashion.

  22. How long does it normally take for you to get ready in lolita/ouji?

  23. What's something about you that seems very "un-lolita"? (Ex: hobbies, interests).

  24. Name a very "lifestyler" hobby or interest.

  25. If any of us were to visit your hometown right now (assuming there's no pandemic), where would you take us for a meetup?

  26. What are your non-wardrobe lolita goals? (Ex: meeting Misako, going to Japan, hosting your first meet, going to a lolita con, etc.).

  27. How do you dress outside of lolita/ouji?

  28. Do you have an in-person meetup plan when things are safe again?

  29. What is your favorite afternoon tea menu item?

  30. Do you have a favorite kind of tea or tea brand?

  31. What brand tea party have you attended? If you've yet to attend, what brand tea party would you like to go to the most?

  32. What dead brand would you like to see come back from the grave?

  33. Show us a "red-headed stepchild" wardrobe piece. 

  34. If you could give one lolita advice to your babbylita self, what would it be?

  35. Name one thing that would be different about your life had you never got into lolita.

  36. How does your family feel about the fashion? 

  37. What is the most common motif in your wardrobe?

  38. What color(s) dominate your wardrobe?

  39. What's your favorite lolita related video on YouTube?

  40. Who is your favorite lolita YouTuber?

  41. If you were to do a PowerPoint presentation on anything you're most interested in outside of lolita, what would it be?

  42. How have you obtained most of your wardrobe? (Ex; second hand, taobao, BNWT, handmade, indie brands.).

  43. What normie celebrity would you love to see wearing lolita or ouji? 

  44. If you had to start your wardrobe all over again, how would you go about it? 

  45. What is your “getting ready in lolita” routine like?

  46. Have you ever gotten anyone interested in wearing the fashion?

  47. What is your favorite era in fashion?

  48. What is a lolita trend you wish came back in fashion?

  49. Show us your favorite coord (whether your own or someone else’s).

  50. Describe your dream coord. 

Feel free to use any or all of these for your next meetup (whether in-person or over a video chat). You can randomize the questions or go through the list. Let us know in the comments if you have any suggestions for ice-breaker prompts and questions, or if you found this list useful!
Thanks for reading!

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