Friday, March 26, 2021

A Close Look at Angelic Pretty's Dream Marine JSK

This isn’t so much a real “review” as much as it is just a closer look at this dress! Whenever I was interested in a dress, I would also want to see more images of it, or people just talking about  their thoughts on it. I also wanted to see more details of the dress - dresses always look so much better in real life, so it’s nice to see information about it online as well.

Today’s review is going to be Angelic Pretty’s Dream Marine

I have the white colorway, in the JSK cut.  Personally I got the white colorway because I think it makes the print pop out the most. I think navy would be in second place for best colorway.  I originally wanted the OP, but the tiered skirt of the JSK cut won me over. I’m always a sucker for a tiered dress ♡.  Something about them just looks so princessy!

The Dress

Here’s a first look at the dress.

The dress has sparkly chiffon, similar to the one AP used in Fruity Lemon.

The shells are so pretty, and I really love it as a simple, marine motif! The lace on each of the tiers is also very simple, but I think it is effective for this style of dress. The lace almost mimics the scallops you see in the shells.

The bow is really large, and has pearls droplet beads on the ends (shown below).  There are also pearl droplet beads on the ends of the waist ties. I’m not a giant fan of the material of the big bow, and I almost wish it was not so shiny.

Thoughts on the Dress

I really, really like this dress! It’s very airy, and I think it works well as a summer dress. The chiffon was a good choice for a summery vibe. The only thing negative I have would be that this dress feels a teensy bit itchy. I am someone with sensitive skin, and the chiffon halter neck can feel uncomfortable on the skin. Other people with sensitive skin may want to that this into consideration, but to be honest, it doesn’t bother me that much. It’s enough for me to tolerate.

Other Info

Here is the Lolibrary Info for the Dream Marine JSK!

This dress was rereleased a couple times, and came in a skirt and OP cut, as well as the JSK of course. The first release came in more solid colors such as white, navy, sax, and lavender. There was another release which was called “Brilliant Color” which had gradient colors, and came in pink x sax, navy, and lavender. In a 2018 rerelease for Dream Marine, it came in two new colors - black, and green.

I really love this dress, and it’s a great addition to my collection of marine themed dresses :D I really like it as a non-border print type of dress. I usually prefer border prints over these, but this one particularly caught my eye. What’s even better is that I like how it looks on me despite being a high waisted dress.

Thank you for reading!
Lady Grey 

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