Saturday, November 6, 2021

Aurora and Ariel Petticoat Comparison 2

Back in February, we posted a review on some of the beloved Aurora and Ariel petticoats.  Today, Chamomile returns with some insight into some of A+A’s longer petticoats.  The previous review focused on the regular 45cm length mini, 8M, 12M and 16M petticoats but also included the 60cm mini petticoat as well.  This review will discuss the 60cm daily and 78cm petticoat, and compare them to the 60cm mini.

The 60cm Mini Petticoat has a single layer of voile and is very flat when compared to other petticoats offered by A+A.  

The 60cm Daily petticoat has two layers of voile and is approximately the same level of poof as the 8M 45cm petticoat.  This is appropriate for more classic pieces and is definitely a step up compared to the 60cm Mini. Aurora and Ariel list this petticoat in their ‘Daily Petticoat’ section.

The 78cm Daily Petticoat has two layers, similar to the 60cm Daily, and is also equal to the 8M.  This petticoat is very long and will probably be too long for most dresses unless you have a particularly long dress!  Oddly, this petticoat does not come up under either of the petticoat categories on their taobao shop, and I have found the listing when sorting by new items.  

I tried on the 60cm Mini, 60cm Daily and 72cm Daily petticoats with Metamorphose Temps de Fille’s Long Tiered Pinafore JSK, which has a skirt length of 85cm.  The dress itself is 102cm(40.1in) from the back center to the hem, and 121cm (47.6in) from the back neck point to the hem.  Also for reference, I am 170cm tall.  This dress is made of a very light and thin cotton fabric, so there was not much concern about the fabric weighing the petticoats down too much.

On the left, there is no petticoat.  Next, when wearing the 60cm Mini Petticoat, there is some volume added, but there is also some lampshading near the bottom of the skirt since the petticoat is so short.  The 60cm Daily gives yet more volume, but there is still some lampshading.  Finally, the 78cm Daily is a good length and the lampshade effect is gone.  The difference between petticoat volume is very subtle in pictures, however in real life, it was much more noticeable.  This is important to keep in mind if you are building coords with photography in mind!

Out of these three long petticoats, the 60cm Daily is probably the most versatile and I would recommend one over the Mini (which is very flat!) or the 78cm (which is very long!)

Aurora and Ariel does not make a 60cm petticoat that is equivalent in poof to the 12M, and rumor has it that no one has simply asked for this to exist yet.  They do make a 60cm “Ultimate Violence” Petticoat, which is advertised as having 25M worth of fabric!!  Considering the 16M is already too much for my personal needs, there is not going to be a review of that one on this blog, but I have linked it for you anyway.  Aurora and Ariel have also more recently began to sell a 35cm petticoat.

The listing image is somewhat misleading, because this link includes the super poofy catwalk petti (as shown, corresponding to their 45cm Catwalk petticoat) as well as a Mini, a Daily/Everyday (they say corresponds to the 8M), a Violence (12M) and a Super Violence (16M) version.  This size would likely be good for salopettes and other shorter skirts.

I hope this review will help you decide which of Aurora and Ariel’s longer petticoats are best for you.


Note: I am still not sponsored by Aurora and Ariel, I just really love them.